Why Importers perfer to buy Indian Coconuts?

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Coconuts | 0 comments

In asia some countries only popular for Coconut products. Amoung these countries India is best country for coconut importers. According to Wikipedia article India is second largest coconut producer in the world. Particularly in southern parts of India coconut cultivation is very popular. Coconuts are part of indian culture and religin.

Here you can see the top 20 countries producing coconuts around the world.

Indian culture using coconuts regulurly from many centuries. Most of the major states using coconut products on their food making and religious activities. After using domastic needs Indian exporters export coconuts to many countries. Indian coconuts are rich in taste and good quality shelf life. From below list we can see world’s top importing countries particularly for Indian coconuts.

United Arab Emirates is important country for Indian coconuts. From India coconuts are shipped 6 to 10 days time period. This is main advantage for UAE, Singapore and Malaysia importers. On coming up articles we will see other agricultural products trades and world supply and demand information.